The chambers are ready to walk in and equipped with one or more doors or gates for loading machinery, equipment, products such as tires and other bulky goods. Inside the chamber, APR treatments can be carried out with ozone (anticavitation processing) on an intrinsically safe basis. Loading can be carried out: discretely, batch-wise, semi-continuously or continuously with appropriate curtain design. To ensure ozone safety, ozone catalysts as well as appropriate ozone sensors are used.

For emission testing according to UL 867, ASTM D 6670, DIN EN 60335-2-65 (VDE 0700 Teil 65), a special emphasis is placed on the tightness of the chamber. For testing with regard to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemiluminescence analyzers are used (see also: Anseros Ozomat LUM). For calculations according to the UL and ASTM methods, Anseros SIMatic and AMACS software programs as well as individual solutions are available, hardware-based on the Siemens PLC S7-300.


+ Intrinsically safe APR treatment of products and equipment
+ Sterilization processes
+ Hygiene lock in the food industry
+ Rubber testing, particularly of tires
+ Emission tests according to UL 867, ASTM D 6670
+ Emission tests of copying and printing machines
+ Life sciences
+ Coating processing
+ Long-term storage of fruits and vegetables
+ Pilot tests to simulate an atmosphere
+ Ozone fogging (egg hatching)
+ Incubator


Chamber volume: 8 m3 …. 100.000 m3
Temperature range: 0 … 40°C
Humidity range: 30 … 98 %rH
Ozone range: 0.001 … 10.000 mg O3/m3


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