By means of a slotted anode, a cathode ray is generated which emits oxygen cations as well as – depending on the potential specified – proportions of ozone and atomic oxygen. If a damp carrier gas is used, hydroxyl radicals are also generated, which is why this principle is also suitable for deodorizing exhaust air.

The cations generated can also be used to reduce electrostatic charge in the surrounding space and on surfaces (textiles, packaging).


+ Air conditioning systems in buildings
+ Refrigerators, cold storage rooms
+ Printing technology
+ Packaging technology
+ Coating technologies
+ Odor removal in wastewater treatment plants (miasma smell)
+ Containment of anaerobic wastewater conditions
+ Prevention of cholera and typhus
+ toilets
+ Food composters
+ Waste storage


Gas volume: 0.1 … 10,000 m3 / h
Relative humidity of the carrier gas: 1 … 98% RH
Content of mercaptans: <1000 ppm


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