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OENOCAT ® Bottling Systems

Wines and fruit juices should only be filled into sterilized bottles to minimize the risk of deterioration during storage and distribution of the products.

An ozone bottling system is useful for rinsing and complete sterilization. If detergents are used in preceding washing steps, they are oxidised and easily removed by the ozone.

The second task of the ozone water is the disinfection of the bottle surfaces. During the last washing step, ozone has only a short contact time with the bottle surface.

OENOCAT ® Cellar Hygiene Systems

Hygiene in the cellar guarantees a high wine quality and a further reduction of the application of sulfur. Mold on wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks is dealt with efficiently with ozone-based hygiene methods. Cellar walls can also be freed from fungus. The gaps between the barrels are a paradise for anaerobic germs. Such germs should be eliminated immediately.

Anseros developed cellar hygiene systems which guarantee substantial yields and assure a high return on investment within a short time.

OENOCAT ® Storage Systems

Long-term fruit storage is only possible due to the elimination of the ethylene gas in storage facilities. The ripening gas ethylene should be oxidized in case of long storage times of fruits. Likewise, proper hygienic conditions are also required to prevent the growth and transfer of bacteria in fruits during storage.

Anseros developed ethylene-free storage systems for long lasting freshness and hygiene. These systems can be programmed for automatic operation. They are also capable of being monitored remotely.

OENOCAT ® Cork Systems

In the cork industry, the treatment of cork peels is indispensable after harvest. The Cork peels serve as settling places for colonies of bacteria, larvae, molds and funguses.

Anseros developed treatment chambers for cork peels before they are cut into the forms of their final products (caps, bottle corks, kitchen mats etc.). The systems are suitable for all cork materials.

The preservation of high quality wines without the typical cork smell can thus be fully guaranteed.

OENOCAT ® Safeguard Systems

Efficient fruit washing eliminates pesticide and insecticide chemicals as well as pathogens and smaller insects from the fruit surfaces.

With Anseros ozone systems, pathogens are treated effectively. A preservative effect is achieved as a bonus. The freshness of the products reaches the customers’ hands.

Ozone washing has many advantages, for example the prevention of the staling of fruits and an increase of their shelf lives.

OENOCAT ® Sustainable Systems

A sustainable plant care using ozonized water several times during the year is a feasible solution. It can virtually replace the use of pesticides and fungicides – chemicals which pollute the soil, the groundwater and the whole environment.

Anseros developed Ozoneskids which are used as proxy systems in agricultural water treatment. The systems are also very useful in hydroponics as well as in groundwater and water reservoir treatment. These skids are maintenance-free and ready for plug & play.

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