Ozone Systems

Ozone systems: You can improve your oxidation process in water and gas phase with ozone technology!

Ozone systems are smart solutions for excellent water treatment and air purification with Ozone Gas.
A distinction of ozone systems is made by the application in the air condition or water ambient. Considering this while, Anseros developed several ozone-process-systems. Anseros Water treatment System| PAP and as well Anseros Air treatment system |CAT include ozone generators to produce ozone gas and ozone analysers for simultaneous monitoring of ozone gas in gas phase or water phase. Ozone generators operate with negative pressure difference and are supplied by oxygen generators or gas cylinders. A reliable and safety ozone generation with a high oxygen quality ensure ozone concentrations to 300 g/Nm3. The coordinated ozone systems realize a high performance with an ozone capacity to 180 g O3/h. Furthermore, generated Output Ozone gas will be measured by ozone monitors in multiple ranges. Ozone gas meter analyses ozone in dry or wet gases. Contrary, in water phase ozone water analysers with nduv-process-photometer measures dissolved ozone in aqueous solutions, e.g., in DI- and RO-water systems as well as in water treatment systems for pharmaceutical industry containing acid solutions (H2SO4) or in wet chemical process for semiconductor production.

How does Ozone Technology works?

Ozone is produced by discharge ozone generators.
The ozone generators Anseros COM-VD works with surface discharge technology. A surface discharge is generated by a high frequency and high voltage. At the edge of the electrode the surface discharge is generated to ozonize the oxygen in the ambient air. The high density of energy is going to erode the integrated dielectric. In this case particle filter are needed to avoid contained the ozonized gas and ozonized water. The Anseros generators are equipped with electrodes by resistant materials for a longer lifetime. The complete prevention of this phenome is physically not possible.
Therefore, Anseros developed a volume discharge ozone generator with a tubular geometry for ultra-pure application with metal free ozone gas production. The Anseros Tube Technology COM-AD is generating Ozone gas without contact to the metal electrodes and emissions of particles.

Due to the Tube Technology Anseros ozone generators COM-AD-Series are wear free and promise a high durability and sustainability without any worsening of the ozone capacity.

Why is a high standard of ozone generators made by Anseros necessary?

Anseros developed several ozone systems and gained experience with our partners in the last years. Our systems are engineered and manufactured by our engineers made in Germany. We are unique in producing ozone instruments and integration ozone equipment in ozone systems. All ozone appliances are coordinated with the plugged-in ozone devices by the Anseros Company. Only this synchronisation of the Anseros products can realise a sterile and 100% metal free ozone production.

Where can our ozone systems be used?

We developed ozone generators especially for water phase to produce germ-free water. Ozone reacts with metals like iron and manganese and eliminates these substances. For this reason, the pharma and semiconductor industry use our ozone generators for water treatment.
Germs of several diseases, such as hepatitis, pneumococci, meningococci, malaria, Ebola, zika-virus and Lassa-fever will be killed while using ozone. Moreover, it fully eliminates bacteria of Escherichia coli and chlamydia, as well as the germs of MERS, SARS, EHEC-infections, tuberculosis, and the so-called hospital germs and legionella.
Our ozone generators are suitable for a wide range of applications and have a very low energy consumption. In addition, the devices are very environmental-friendly and have a high effectiveness.
At the same time, Anseros ozone systems offer the option of room air monitoring, measuring devices and alarm systems for risk-free process monitoring.
Ask us for more information about our ozone systems. We have an ideal solution for your individual process. We are looking forward to our inquiry.