To meet the strict industry standards, rubber processing companies must carefully consider their starting material. Anseros ozone test chambers make it possible to study fatigue caused by aging and by the influence of weather, climate and pressure. As a result, conclusions about the lifespan of a product can be drawn before its production starts. The use of ozone makes it possible to achieve higher quality standards: our ozone systems can be used to test the durability of rubber samples or to protect rubber products from the influence of ozone.
Ozone test chamber, rubber, DIN53509, ISO DIN 1431, DIN 1431, ASTM D 1149, aging test, static, dynamic, continuous, intermittent, fatigue strength, rotation, fissuration, cracking, additives, wax.

Anseros Ozone Test Chambers for the Rubber Industry

The ozone test system SIM-6300-TH is equipped with a rotating disk for dynamic and static tests. In addition, it has an ozone monitor, a central controller and temperature – / moisture control.

Durable corona discharge method of ozone generation has been incoporated in test chamber for reliable text procedures. The ozone monitoring is done by ozone analyzer which is maintenance-free and based on UV absorption principle. The AMACS software allows to monitor the system from any location.

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