Cable Insulation

Nowadays, the quality and safety of cables and seals is of high importance. The insulation of cables and of seals must meet highest standards. For this reason, we have developed an ozone test chamber which perfectly meets the requirements for testing cables and seals. The test chamber was used for example in the development of the first magnetic levitation railway in Shanghai.
Ozone test chamber, IEC 60811-2-1, EN50396, VDE 0472, IEC 60092-351, IEC 60335-2-65, cable insulation.

Anseros Ozone Test Chambers for the Cable Industry

The perfect solution for cable & seals. This system is especially developed for the testing of cables and seals and it corresponds to different standards worldwide. It is equipped with a fully automatic PLC control system and interfaces for data processing. In addition, it has a central controller for temperature, ozone, air pressure and moisture simulation.

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