Animal Farming

Inadequate hygiene in farms is often the cause of epidemics. This can lead to the loss of entire animal livestocks. Moreover, there is a high risk of new viruses arising due to mutation. The 2003 SARS pandemic clearly demonstrated this – thousands of people lost their lives. Poor hygiene conditions in chicken hatchery were the triggering cause of the pandemic.

We should learn from these experiences.

Conventional cleaning and sterilization methods are often based on the use of chemicals, which, in turn, pose a threat to the health and lives of humans as well as animals. Persistent organic pollutants arise from the use of chlorine for example. They degrade very slowly or not at all in the environment.

Nature shows us how it can be done differently: it uses the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, the water vapor in clouds and the power of the wind to purify the atmosphere and our living environment. UV radiation and water produce oxygen and hydroxyl radicals, both being strong gaseous oxidants which are constantly kept in motion by the wind in the atmosphere. This creates a protective shield against the development of germs.

The philosophy of Anseros is to make use of these efficient methods of nature. We offer solutions for sterilization and cleaning applications based on the natural principles described above. They are environmentally friendly, effective and inexpensive.

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