It is no secret that the water on our planet is exposed to a high pollution level, mainly due to the effects of industrialization. Less and less clean water is available for agricultural irrigation.

Water analyses show a high ph value of the water of 7.8, a reduced redox potential and relatively large amounts of hydrogen sulfide. Fertilizer manufacturers encouraged the increased use of fertilizers in response to these studies. According to their opinion, sulphur hydrogen blocked the uptake of the fertilizer. However, the result is an even stronger contamination of soil and water.

The low oxygen content of the water ensures a lower growth rate of the plants. The high pH value causes the so-called “blossom end rot” because it obstructs the transport of calcium from the water into the fruit. Brown spots of the size of 10 Euro Cent coins on the fruit are typical of blossom end rot. In addition, bacteria, able to saturate themselves on sulfur hydrocarbons and to increase in numbers accordingly, lead to a high organic strain.

In order to meet this great challenge, Anseros developed a water system for agriculture that cleans the water without the use of chemicals and fosters the growth of plants in a natural way.

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Keywords: golf, lawn, field irrigation, greenhouse, artichokes, hydroponics, root treatment, soil regeneration.