Bottling Plants

Water is essential for every living being on earth. However, the world in which we are living and breathing today is running out of natural resources. Fresh water reservoirs are diminishing. Millions of people want to drink fresh and safe water – a more and more challenging demand.

New techniques like packaged water in safe containers, PET or conventional glass bottles can keep potable water fresh and healthy for a long time. To meet these requirements, industry has to supply suitable machineries to treat and to bottle water.

Anseros has developed the successful automatic PAP Water Systems to oxidize and sterilize water in accordance with European CEN guidelines. Instead of using chlorine, the Anseros engineers count on the natural cleaning effect of ozone for water treatment and bottle sterilization.

Advantage: the use of ozone is environmentally friendly, safe and cost saving.

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    Anseros Bottling Systems

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