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Wastewater treatment in a highly efficient and environmental friendly way

Industrial wastewater contains much organic chlorine hydrocarbon. Normal cleaning processes of sewage treatment plant cannot eliminate this kind of contaminantion. This means that these substances and pharmaceuticals residues contaminate our drinking water. Therefore, a complete wastewater treatment is necessary to protect our environment and the life on earth.

Treat completely your wastewater with Anseros

Anseros developed an Advanced Oxidation Process (short: AOP), especially for the wastewater industry, which fully eliminates all residual substances in water even pharmaceuticals.
Our patented HOXON®- Technology, combined with UV-light or organic ozonid, is used for industrial and clinical wastewater. Moreover, municipalities utilize our HOXON®- Technology for their wastewater, as well as the food industry and the agriculture.
Our AOP-process is a cost-effective solution to clean wastewater not only in a very efficient, but also in an environmental sustainable way.

Why wastewater treatment is so important for us?

Clean drinking water is essential for survival for humans and all other living beings on earth. Therefore, we have to treat the occurred wastewater in order that life on our earth can go on.
In Germany, there are approximately 10.000 sewage treatment plants, which treat wastewater from our households. Additionally there are countless of cubic metres wastewater from industries that have to be treated in special sewage treatment plants. One of the biggest challenge for the next years will be the elimination of chemical substances, which have not been recognized so far.
We must eliminate those harmful chemical substances such as pharmaceutical residues, antibiotics from agriculture and hormones.

Ask us about our HOXON® products for your wastewater! We will be happy to advise you and to develop an individual solution for your requirement. Please send us an email to

Anseros – Recycling the Life

How is wastewater treated?

First, the water in the sewage treatment plant is filtered through various separation and sedimentation processes. The next step is biological cleaning. In this classic way of treating wastewater, organic compounds are dissolved and eliminated by microorganisms. However, with this method more and more drug residues, antibiotics and pesticides are left behind, as these are not biodegradable.

Conventional sewage technology is therefore not sufficient for this type of pollution. Several studies have shown that ozone, as an oxidizing agent, is the only way to completely eliminate these harmful trace substances.

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