Air Cleaning & Odor Removal

Wherever many people meet in confined spaces, bacteria and viruses are transmitted through the air. The danger of these means of distribution was drastically exemplified by the SARS pandemic that disseminated in 2002 from China by means of droplet infection. Tests showed at that time that the virus could only be eliminated with ozone. Due to its antiviral and antibacterial effect, the use of ozone is also recommendable in hospitals where hygiene is of utmost priority.

As a prophylaxis against germs and insects in grain storage and other storage equipment, ozone is an ideal replacement for pesticides like sulfuryl fluoride and methylene bromide. While the latter persistent greenhouse gases consistently damage the upper ozone layer in the stratosphere, ozone decomposes to completely harmless oxygen within hours or minutes.

Anseros ozone systems for air cleaning can also be used to eliminate unpleasant odors, for example in wastewater treatment plants, slaughterhouses, stables or smoking areas.

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Recommended Anseros Systems

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