Ozone Applications

ANSEROS - effiziente Ozon-Systemanwendungen

Anseros is developer and manufacturer of components and systems in ozone technology. Our corporate structure involves research, development, manufacturing, commissioning and after-sales-service. Nowadays smart ozone technologies form the basis for environmental-friendly industry products concerning potable water and waste water treatment, livestock, fruit storage, odour removal, food processing, fish breeding, sterilization in pharma industry, hydrophilization in semiconductor industry and testing of materials. Leading research institutes describe the use of ozone in oxidation,

sterilization and hygiene processes as an inevitable and sustainable way for nature. Ozone is nature’s detergent which is practiced and proven over millions of years. The use of ozone does not produce any halogenated organic pollutants neither in water nor in air and soil, such as chlorine preparations do. The generating of ozone with Anseros ozone generators and ozone monitor are full-metal-free, without microbiological or pharmaceutical content and guarantees bubble-free process water for ultra-pure water at maximum safety.

– Recycling Life with OZONE TECHNOLOGIES