Advanced Oxidation Process Plants | HOXON ®

HOXON ® System for Waste Water

Constant monitoring of sewage treatment work effluents shows clear accumulation of organic trace substances, which are ecotoxic and possess long residence times in the ecological cycle. Research activities prove that these substances can only be eliminate or at least transformed into ecofriendly compounds by the use of ozone. Innovative AOPs (advanced oxidation processes), like e.g. HOXON with UV (O3/UV) or with organic ozonides (O3/COOOC), benefit from the combined usage of ozone while being environmentally benign and sustainable. Water impurities that are poorly bio-degradable, e.g. pesticides and pharmaceuticals, are effectively oxidized. Receiving waters can already be used for fish hatchery.

Possible applications:

+ Industrial waste waters
+ Municipal waste waters
+ Agriculture and food industry
+ Greenhouses
+ Waste water from hospitals

HOXON ® System for Semiconductor

The HOXON method of Anseros uses the oxidative properties of oxygen compounds such as ozone (O3), water (H2O), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) for cleaning surfaces and for keeping them clean.

Leading research institutions characterize the industrial application of ozone for oxidation, sterilization and sanitization as a sustainable way: ozone is nature’s cleaning agent, time-tested during millions of years. It leaves no halogenated organic pollution in water, air or soil, unlike chlorine compounds.

Applications in Semiconductor industry:

+ Silicon wafers
+ CVD applications, free of metal immissions
+ Oxidation of thiols, R-S-R
+ TOC reduction in ultra pure water

HOXON ® CIP-System (Clean-In-Place)

Compared to manually initiated cleaning or disinfection of fluid handling systems, automated disinfection processes known as Clean-In-Place (CIP) have clear advantages, especially in terms of repeatability, reliability, reduced downtime, and in documenting cleaning performance.

When ozone is used instead of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine, even greater advantages become apparent. Ozone is generated as needed at the point-of-use (POU), eliminating the need for chemical storage and handling.


+ Faster disinfection
+ High oxidation power of ozone
+ Reduced operating costs
+ Repeatable & reliable treatments

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