Mercury Analyzers

Anseros developed highly sensitive UV photometers for the measurement of atomic mercury in the gas and water phases. The analyzers can be supplemented by peripheral technology and are suitable for a variety of measurement tasks.

The peripheral equipment available from Anseros includes gold wool filters (adsorption), activated carbon (absorption), reduction furnaces (digestion), desorbers (stripping), gas bags (gas accumulation), sample point selectors, gas detection and warning equipment, field housings, gas coolers and sample gas lances (flue gas measurement).

The devices have process quality with automatic zero adjustment and without periodic calibration. The quality of their components is designed for an operating lifetime of 20 years.

Application examples:
+ Occupational safety
+ Exhaust measurement
+ Mercury in natural gas
+ Mercury recycling
+ Dental medicine
+ Electric steel plants
+ Electrolysis
+ Halogen lamp manufacturing

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