Wine Industry

Especially for viticulture, Anseros has developed an ozone application that can be used by small businesses to sterilize barrels, tanks and wine cellars. The Anseros OENOCAT air sterilizer is a particularly suitable solution for preserving and sterilizing wooden barrels, because it replaces procedures such as sulfur treatment.

Principle of operation

In barrels or containers, the OENOCAT produces negative ions that kill germs and preserve the barrel. The excited gas also infiltrates the pores and gaps between the staves. Odor-active substances are oxidized. When using the device, the barrel is closed by a stopper and thus secure. According to the Low Voltage Directive, OENOCAT operates at 12 volts DC.

Investigation of DLR Rhineland-Palatinate

An investigation of DLR Rhineland-Palatinate into the effect of OENOCAT in a practical application lead to the following discoveries: the ozone treatment of fermenters with OENOCAT is effective and can help to ensure the biological stability.

Anseros ozone applications can also be used for the treatment of indoor air in warehouses and basements, to prevent the formation of mold for example.

Innovation Award of the German Winegrowers' Association

In 2013, the German Winegrowers‘ Association assigned the Anseros OENOCAT with the innovation award for technological progress.

We will gladly send you detailed information about the Anseros ozone applications for viticulture. Our research & development department will also advise you personally.

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