AOP - HOXON ® Waste Water & Waste Treatment

After the biological stage of a sewage treatment plant, pharmaceutical residues which are not biodegradable occur in increasingly high concentrations. Research lead to the result that only the use of ozone as oxidizing agent can achieve a thorough and exhaustive cleaning effect. Anseros developed powerful AOP methods for the complete removal of residual pharmacological substances. In many areas of industry, there is a significant need for physical-chemical oxidation methods, since the limits for discharge into receiving waters are exceeded by far. The half-life of chlorinated organic hydrocarbons (AOX) is 300 years, the one of radiactive cesium is just 100 years. From the perspective of environmental politics, there is an urgent need for action. AOP techniques offer an affordable solution that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Transport and logistics of waste (domestic waste, hospital waste) produce and emit all kinds of bacteria and viruses. They pose a major contamination risk, in particular during loading and reloading.

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